Isnin, 9 Februari 2009

This time

tonight a sky above..
reminds me of you, love!
walking through wintertime
where the stars all shine..

the angel on the stairs
will tell you i was there...
under the front porch light,
on a mystery night...

I've been sitting watching
life pass from the sidelines..
been waiting for a dream to seep
in through my blinds..
i wondered what might happen
if i left this all behind..
would the wind be at my back?

could i get you off my mind
this time
the neon light in bars
and headlights from the cars
have started a symphony
inside of me..

the things i left behind
have melted in my mind..
and now there's a purity
inside of me.

2 ulasan:

Mergas_Tua berkata...

cantek ayat2nye..brbunge2 dn brpohon2.huhu..=D

mINDRAs berkata...

hehehehe..terima kasih..lirit lagu je ni..sbb suka dengar lagu ni 2 yang masukkan dalam blog 2. agak bermakna gak ayat dia bg saya..huhuhu